The 20 Best Smartphones In The World

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The Pixel 2 might not be the most beautiful Android phone you can buy, but it has a secret weapon that vaults it above most of the competition — it runs the latest and purest version of the Android operating system. Because it's unadulterated, that version looks and runs better than any of the tweaked takes on Android that you'll find on other phones like Samsung's Galaxy S phones and LG's G line.

Better yet, because the Pixel 2's Android is unmodified, you'll be able to install the latest updates as soon as Google rolls them out. That's not something you can usually do with other Android phones. But it's important and, hey, who doesn't want to get the latest version of Android as soon as it's available?

But the Pixel 2 has other features that help put it ahead of other Android devices, including an amazing camera, great performance, and outstanding battery life. And unlike its predecessor, the original Pixel, the Pixel 2 is water-resistant. All told, it's like a smarter — if less attractive — Galaxy phone.

Still, there's one way the Pixel 2 doesn't match up to the original Pixel. We rated that device higher than the iPhone 7, which came out at about the same time. But we rate the iPhone 8 higher than the Pixel 2. That's because the iPhone 8 supports wireless charging and ships with a set of headphones, and the Pixel 2 offers neither.

Price: $650

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The 20 Best Smartphones In The World


The 20 Best Smartphones In The World